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Majestic Earth Plant Derived Superior Quality
Youngevity Minerals & Supplements

only the best... for You!
Beyond Tangy Tangerine is the unique freeze-dried nutrient packed powder that quickly dissolves to provide Youngevity Majestic Earth Plant Derived Minerals, array of vitamins & amino acids plus 115 fruits and vegetables!

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Pure & Real Orange flavor Energy Drink
from allergy-free Flower pollen extract
plus anti-aging Green tea & B vitamins
(Absolutely No Taurine)
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Pollen Burst box with packets
“Get Yours Now... Today!”
(previously called - The Alex Jones Pack)

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Triple Love Chocolate  "TLC"
The Ultimate Luxurious Guilt-Free
Fabulously Healthy Chocolate Experience!
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BodyTrim Weight Management
Delicious Pink Lemonade Flavor; Boosts Energy; Promotes Healthy Cholesterol Levels; Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar Levels; Promotes a Healthy Cardiovascular System; Promotes a Healthy Immune System; Only 40 calories; With Vitamin D!

Body Trim on-the-go Weight Management box with packets

* * * * * * * * My Own Special Stuff * * * * * * * *
Purchase Certificates of Title here
To Get Your Very Own
- Land in Heaven -  Property Deeds.
The Unique & adorable One Of A Kind Gift

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  Like in the movie The Secret, These 
selected, washed-smooth Special prehistoric Stones Come purified & blessed.
Each within a forest green velvet carry pouch!
A personal tribute to Your Gratitude!

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Obama Bib? ...Oh “Yes we can” Because...
 “Once you go splat you’ll never go back!”

--- Love Light & Laughter! ---

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* * * * * * * * * * My Free Stuff * * * * * * * * * *

All Are of one same Spirit, living A Human Dream-Experience! Given the opportunity of knowledge We Awaken to control our individual presence and journey!

You simply VISUALize from within your Heart area outward thru the Power of Mind, then you ACTUALize...'Image & see' a Mental Picture to ‘Ignite’ your Creative Higher Self Divine Spirit — Manifesting Power. By believing, Knowing & Trusting We do REALize ...actually “Manifest” into what is life ... Your “reality” experience...  processing all with Unconditional Love!

Just Know That...

Power Flows Where Your Intention Goes!
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For Goodness Sake...!


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A quintessential blend of Memorable, Spiritually Sensual — Romantic
— Ambient — Jazz — Pop — Chill Out...

My Tastefully seasoned and mixed to Perfection Choice Music sets!

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